♦ European Space Agency Earth Observation EO

♦ European Space Agency Support To Science Element STSE

♦ Earth observation for ocean-atmosphere interactions science EGU/ESA/SOLAS

♦ International Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study SOLAS

♦ Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network GOA-ON

Data and research centers

♦ Plymouth Marine Laboratory PML

♦ IFREMER institute

♦ Laboratory of Oceanography from Space LOS at Ifremer and its archiving and processing center CERSAT

♦ Centre Aval de Traitement des données SMOS CATDS

♦ The Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas SOCAT


♦ The Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research project IMBER

♦ The GeoCarbon FP7 project

♦ The STSE-ESA OceanFlux GreenHouse Gases project

♦ The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme IGBP

♦ The International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project IOCCP

♦ The World Climate Research Programme WCRP

♦ The SMOS-storm project

♦ The European Space Agency GlobWave project

♦ The Integrated Ocean WAves for Geophysical and other Applications project IOWAGA